Sunday, 2 October 2016


There's quite the overload of art in Frieze week. So if you have time for Frieze and Frieze Masters, plus a dozen other things, where else should you go?


Seni Awa Camara: Maternit√© Submergente, 1986 at Magnin-A, Paris

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair (Thurs-Sun at Somerset House). I like Sunday and PAD as well, but this is the most distinctive of the quality alternatives to Frieze.

Clyfford Still at the Royal Academy: the Abstract Expressionism show has lots of great art, of course, but I had some reservations about every room – except Room 11, containing ten magisterial Stills.

Donna Huanca at the Zabludowicz Collection. Where is action painting now? Here’s where… as enacted in slow motion by ten performers during Frieze week (and two thereafter)

Jeff Koons at Almine Rech (new additional space at Grosvenor Hill) and Newport Street Gallery. Love him or loathe him, it’s hard to ignore this double.

David Salle: Lampwick’s Dilemma, 1989

Cindy Sherman & David Salle at Skarstedt, 8 Bennet St: this list is proving too American (and I’m not even mentioning the Mike Kelley, Bruce Nauman, Richard Serra and Ed Rusha solo shows) but this imaginative combination in Skarstedt’s new space was the best thing to open last week.

Levi Van Veluw at Rosenfeld Porcini (opens Thurs eve): a whole space installation from probably the most interesting young Dutch artist in his first London solo.

Neo Rauch at David Zwirner (opens Tues eve): can this really be Rauch’s first solo show in London? Plus, in the project space, a collaboration between Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon.

Latifa Echakhch at kamel mennour – rising French Morrocan star first up at the most intriguing new gallery arrival: the Paris gallery’s new space is at 51 Brook Street (opens Tues eve).

William Kentridge at the Whitechapel Gallery: my list is rather central, but both the East (Edward Burtynsky and Thilo Heinzmann for example) and South (Amalia Ulman and Roman Ondack come to mind) also have plenty of interest. The obvious pick is the six large-scale installations of Kentridge’s ‘Thick Time’. 

House of the Nobleman (10 Park Crescent by appointment from Monday):  this art occupation of luxury living spaces looks the best of the off-site specials

Suzanne Treister: HFT The Gardener/Outsider artworks/Acacia maidenii (Maiden's Acacia) (2014-15)

23 Dering Street: one building with three excellent shows: Suzanne Treister‘s remarkable fantasy of drugs meets market trading meets outsider art (Annely Juda), a beautifully cadenced Luca Nogueria show (Juda jointly with Anthony Reynolds) and a fresh group show of young Americans at Ronchini.

Shezad Dawood at Timothy Taylor: it’s worth booking to spend time in Dawood’s stunning virtual tableaux of Kalimpong –  you even get the chance to reach nirvana

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